For the druid talent, see [Wrath of Cenarius].

The Wrath of Cenarius is a ring that will occasionally give bonus damage to your offensive spells.


The Wrath of Cenarius is a quest reward from the quest Champion's Battlegear which starts with Vargus in the Cenarion Hold in Silithus. To complete the quest, you must turn the following items to Vargus:

You must also be Exalted with the Cenarion Circle.


Calculation of extra damage obtained by this item

The proc rate of this item is said to be 5%.

Assuming this is true, the following calculation tells you what this item does for your character:

For every 100 times you cast a spell with this ring on, 5 casts will proc this effect.

For every proc you get 10 seconds of extra spellpower. (+132 dmg)

The amount of spells you can cast in this total time (50 seconds) is the % of spells you will cast with extra spellpower.

  • A druid casting wrath (1.5 sec) will have spellpower on 33% of his wraths.
  • A mage casting frostbolt (2.5 sec) will have spellpower on 20% of their bolts.
  • A mage casting fireball (3.0 sec) will have spellpower on 16.6% of their fireballs.

How much effective +spelldamage you get out of this ring depends on your class and the spell you cast: (percentage of spellpower spells) * 132

  • For a druid casting wrath this ring equals (33% * 132) 43.89 +spelldamage
  • For a mage casting frostbolt this ring equals (20% * 132) 26.40 +spelldamage
  • For a mage casting fireball this ring equals (16.6% * 132) 21.91 +spelldamage

How does this translate to extra dps? (percentage of spellpower spells) * 132 * (percentage that spells gain from +dmg)

  • A druid casting wrath will have (33% * 132 * 0.57) = 24.83 more dps with this ring.
  • A mage casting frostbolt will have (20% * 132 * 0.86) = 22.70 more dps with this ring.
  • A mage casting fireball will have (16.6% * 132 * 1.0) = 21.91 more dps with this ring.

All these values assume the player is able to spam a spell for an amount of time without being interrupted. These calculations also assume a "best case scenario" in which procs do not overlap eachother, and the last proc is not done before the fight ends. For these reasons, the dps increase you will see from this item will be somewhat lower than calculated.

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