World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack
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Cover art
Released November 13, 2008
Length 01:22:18
Label Azeroth Music

Cover art from the Collector's Edition.

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack was composed and arranged by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Neal Acree and Glenn Stafford. It was released with the Collector's Edition of the expansion.

At the same time, the soundtrack was released via iTunes, but with three of the tracks changed to other selections. Players wanting to collect all of the music tracks will need to purchase both editions.


The former Prince Arthas has launched a new campaign of undeath from his citadel in Northrend. As the plague once more sweeps across the land, the Alliance and Horde struggle to set aside their age-old hatreds and unite against the greater threat. Meanwhile, the blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos, plans to end the abuse of arcane magic, whatever the cost. This is the music of ice and despair, a dirge and a call to arms... the last stand against the Lich King.

Track list

# Collector's CD Time iTunes album Time
1 Wrath of the Lich King [Main Title] 8:56 Wrath of the Lich King [Main Title] 8:56
2 Dragon's Rest 3:07 Dragon's Rest 3:07
3 Arthas, My Son [Cinematic Intro] (O Thanagor) 3:12 Arthas, My Son [Cinematic Intro] 3:12
4 Path of Tears 7:15 Path of Tears 7:15
5 Crystalsong 1:51 Crystalsong 1:51
6 Dalaran 3:26 Dalaran 3:26
7 God Hunters 3:34 God Hunters 3:34
8 Forged in Blood 5:34 Forged in Blood 5:34
9 Mountains of Thunder 5:55 Mountains of Thunder 5:55
10 Secrets Long Forgotten [Collector Exclusive] 2:28 Path of the Lifewarden 2:41
11 The Kalu'ak 2:23 The Kalu'ak 2:23
12 The Eye of Eternity 1:56 The Eye of Eternity 1:56
13 Garden of Life 3:28 Garden of Life 3:28
14 The Culling 3:42 The Culling 3:42
15 Howling Fjord 2:59 Howling Fjord 2:59
16 Rise of the Vrykul 1:22 Rise of the Vrykul 1:22
17 Borean Tundra [Collector Exclusive] 1:58 Shadow Web Caverns 3:26
18 Totems of the Grizzlemaw 5:36 Totems of the Grizzlemaw 5:36
19 The Wrath Gate [Cutscene Event, Collector Exclusive] 3:53 Obsidian Sanctum 6:47
20 Angrathar's Shadow 2:55 Angrathar's Shadow 2:55
21 Assault on New Avalon 2:15 Assault on New Avalon 2:15



  • Featured Musicians: Pedro Eustache – Flutes and Duduk
  • Guitars: Laurence Juber
  • Nyckelharpa: Cajsa Ekstav
  • Uilleann Pipes & Scottish Flute: Eric Rigler
  • Live Sessions and Orchestrations produced by: Edo Guidotti
  • Main Title and "Arthas, My Son" recorded by: the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra and Chorus
  • Contracted by: Simon James & David Sabee
  • Sound Design: Brian David Farr
  • Cinematic Intro Music by: Neal Acree
  • With special thanks to: Kirin Landsgaard, Edo and Shelly Guidotti, Tina, Margaret and Karen Brower, Yuliya and Jasper Duke, Shyshkin and Duke Families, Bob and Kay Gates, Smt. Jahnavi Jayaprakash, Aaron, Ethan, Quinn and Susan Stafford, Keith Landes, Kevin Crook, Brianne Messina, Joeyray Hall, Evelyn Fredericksen, Chris Metzen, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams and the entire Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department


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