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Main leader IconSmall Naga Female.gif Ruuzel
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
Character classes Myrmidon, Priest, Sea witch, Sorcerer
Base of operations Zoram Strand
Theater of operations Ashenvale
Language(s) Nazja
Affiliation Nazjatar Empire

The Wrathtail are naga lurking on the northwestern coast of Ashenvale, known as the Zoram Strand. It is the resting place of the doomed city of Zoram, destroyed during the Great Sundering and submerged beneath the seas. It has been lost to the night elves for ages. Lost, and nearly forgotten. Now, the naga have returned, and for what reason is unknown.[1]

The naga honor the wicked nature of a hydra, Vorsha the Lasher, with a brazier that remains lit on an island just off the coast.[2]





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