Wreck of the Skyseeker.

The Wreck of the Skyseeker is where the Alliance gunship Skyseeker crashed into the Wandering Isle after having captured Horde prisoners from a naval battle.[1] Delora Lionheart is the current captain of the survivors of the crew, which settled at an unnamed triage camp near the wreckage.

The crash caused a great wound in the side of Shen-zin Su, the creature that is the Wandering Isle, making him unable to swim straight. The wreck was eventually destroyed by the combined efforts of the Alliance and Horde,[2] which again worked together to heal the gaping wound left behind by the removal. Druids and priests even grew back some of the trees that were there before.[3]


The Alliance triage camp.

Alliance triage camp



  • In early Mists of Pandaria builds the crashed gunship was the Skyfire, rather than the Skyseeker, and the zone was accordingly named "Skyfire Crash-Site."

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