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Not to be confused with Blackwyrm Cult.
Blackwing Coven
Main leader IconSmall DrakonidBlack Maxnar the Ashmaw
Secondary leaders IconSmall Draenei Male Overseer Nuaar
IconSmall Orc Male Kolphis Darkscale
IconSmall Draenei Female Draaca Longtail
Race(s) IconSmall DrakonidBlack2 Drakonid
IconSmall SpawnBlack2 MaleIconSmall SpawnBlack2 Female Dragonspawn
IconSmall DragonBlack2IconSmall WhelpBlack2 Black dragon
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
HumanHuman Human
OrcOrc Orc
Broken Broken
Base of operations Blackwing Coven, Ruuan Weald, Raven's Wood
Affiliation Black dragonflight
Status Active
Quartermaster Wyrmcult Provisioner

The Wyrmcult or the Blackwing Coven[1][2] and the Blackwing wyrmcultists,[3] is a group of humans, orcs, Broken, and draenei that seem to worship the surviving members of the black dragonflight, most of which were killed off by the gronn after the destruction of Draenor. Their coven is located in Raven's Wood in the western part of the Blade's Edge Mountains. The Wyrmcult fells trees and hunts animals in the Ruuan Weald, much to the dislike of the druids in Evergrove — whom the Wyrmcultists are unwilling to negotiate with.


The Wyrmcult cultists have been feuding with the Boulder'mok ogres and entered a temporary truce with the Arakkoa of Grishnath.[4] Aside from those incidents, the wyrm cultists were keeping to themselves in Blackwing Coven, but with the arrival of the Cenarion Expedition they have begun encroaching upon Evergrove.[5]

Tree Warden Chawn is looking forward to negotiate with the the overseer Nuaar,[5] because the wyrmcult is making difficult the healing of the Blade's Edge Mountains.[6] Samia Inkling[6][7] and adventurers helped Tree Warden Chawn,[6] but the cultists rejected the negotiations because they believe that the Cenarion Expedition doesn't own the mountain and doesn't have the authority to tell them what to do as they are "free people".[8][9][5] Seeing this, Chawn is sending adventurers to kill the hewers that are cutting trees.[10]

Samia Inkling is investigating the Blackwing Coven and is trying to get Black Dragon Whelps[11] with the own cultists' nets, carried by their poachers.[12]

In Wyrmskull Bridge and Wyrmskull Tunnel Watcher Moonshade is leading the defense to stop the wyrmcult from leaving Blackwing Coven and from doing something dangerous.[13] He and his wardens are being hard pressed by the cultists, because of the number of troops, so he planned to defeat their leader Draaca Longtail.[14]

Overseer Nuaar and Kolphis Darkscale were going to meet to discuss their plans,[15] which consisted in attacking the Cenarion Expedition, but after Tree Warden Chawn knew this[4] he began sending adventurers to defeat the leader Maxnar the Ashmaw.[16]

It is unknown what their end goals are,[16] but they appear to be breeding many black dragon whelps.[11]



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  • Wyrmcult Ambusher
  • Wyrmcult Aspirant




  • It seems Blacklord Hamarahk was originally intended to be the grand patriarch of the cult.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

They breed Black Dragon Whelplings that Samia Inkling wants to get.[11] As she is sent by Sabellian,[7] a black dragon, and her final quote is "This looks like a fine brood of blackwhelps to make a start with. Examining them, that is.",[11] it is probable that Sabellian wants the whelps for his brood.

They may be working to be worthy of becoming black dragonkin or black dragonspawns. If that is their goal, Maxnar was seemingly successful in becoming a drakonid (or he was born as one), along with the Wyrmcult Blessed.


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