The broken Wyrmrest Summit in the instance.

The Summit outside the instance.

Wyrmrest Summit is the top of the dragonkin's sacred temple of Wyrmrest Temple. During the Dragon Soul instance the Summit had been already crippled by the assault of Deathwing and his minions. The Aspects and Thrall gathered to talk about how to empower the Dragon Soul here in order to use it against the Destroyer. In the meantime, the defenders of Wyrmrest went first into the Eye of Eternity to kill Hagara the Stormbinder to get the Focusing Iris. Afterwards they faced the greatest twilight dragon Deathwing ever created, the monstrosity known as Ultraxion, who tried to stop the Aspects and unleash the Hour of Twilight upon Azeroth.


Arrive on top of Wyrmrest Summit

Thrall says: It's no use. The power of the Dragon Soul is too great. I cannot wield it safely. The raging forces within it maybe the doom of us all.
Alexstrasza says: Then truly, we are lost.
Kalecgos says: Not necessarily...I believe...Yes. It just might work. The Focusing Iris within the Eye of Eternity may allow us to converge the magical matrix contain within the Dragon Soul.
Thrall says: Yes, I see. We can finally turn Deathwing's own power back against him.
Ysera says: I sense danger...It is a trap. Carefully laid out at this crucial moment.
Thrall says: We have no choice. We must have faith in our allies.
Kalecgos says: Then I will open the way into the Eye of Eternity. You must not fail heroes. The future of Azeroth hinges on your actions.


Ysera says: Praised the Titans, they have returned.
Nozdormu says: Not entirely unexpected...
Kalecgos says: Excellent. We will begin the ritual at once.
Alexstrasza says: The ritual will take much from us. As it requires a very piece of our being. We will be weakened greatly.
Thrall says: Heroes, this burden falls to you once again. You must protect us from Deathwing's forces while we imbued the Dragon Soul with the Power of the Aspects. Speak to me when you are ready to begin.

Twilight Assaulter Intro

Deathwing yells: It is good to see you again, Alexstrasza. I have been my absence. Twisting your pitiful whelps into mindless abominations, bend only to my will. It was a very...painful process.
Alexstrasza says: They clutch no longer. Bring them down.

Intro leading up to Ultraxion

Deathwing yells: Mere whelps, experiments. A means to a greater end. You will see what the research of my clutch has yielded. Nefarian, Onyxia, Sinestra? They were nothing! Now you face my ultimate creation. The Hour of Twilight is nigh, the sun sets on your pitiful mortal existence.

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