Wyrmstalker Battlegear is the tier 13 hunter set.


We like to tie a Hunter’s Tier armour in with an appropriate donor creature – it suggests the Hunter has actually hunted for the set! As there’s an awful lot of dragons in this patch, a draconic theme was the way to go. We wanted to reference but not simply reproduce the classic Dragonstalker set. To that end, we limited the use of dragon heads to the helm and chained leathery wings around the shoulders which gives the impression of a skeletal dragon crouching over the Hunter’s upper body.


The Wyrmstalker Battlegear items are sold by Horde Jamus'Vaz <Valor Quartermaster> in Orgrimmar and Alliance Faldren Tillsdale <Valor Quartermaster> in Stormwind City. They are purchased with Tokens of the Corrupted Protector.

Slot Token
Head  [Crown of the Corrupted Protector]
Hands  [Gauntlets of the Corrupted Protector]
Legs  [Leggings of the Corrupted Protector]
Shoulders  [Shoulders of the Corrupted Protector]
Chest  [Chest of the Corrupted Protector]


Wyrmstalker Battlegear
Wyrmstalker Battlegear
Wyrmstalker Battlegear


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