<FontFamily> (creates a Font object) has a <Member> for each alphabet (character set), each enclosing a <Font> tag.

<FontFamily name="" virtual="">
	<Member alphabet="">
		<Font />


name (xs:string) - Similar to <LayoutFrame>.
virtual (xs:string?Optional. Could be nil.) - Similar to <LayoutFrame>.

Child elements

<Member> encloses a single <Font> tag; and one member is chosen when the game loads.

alphabet (xs:string) - "roman", "korean", "simplifiedchinese", "traditionalchinese", "russian"


  • <FontFamily> produces the same objects that a lone <Font> element would, and may be used in the same ways. The difference is that <FontFamily> will localize to a different font for each character set.
  • Fonts can inherit from a virtual FontFamily using <Font inherits="fontFamily">, resulting in the correct character set propogating to the Font.[1]


<FontFamily name="SystemFont_Outline_Small" virtual="true">
	<Member alphabet="roman">
		<Font font="Fonts\FRIZQT__.TTF" height="10" outline="NORMAL"/>
	<Member alphabet="korean">
		<Font font="Fonts\2002.TTF" height="10" outline="NORMAL"/>
	<Member alphabet="simplifiedchinese">
		<Font font="Fonts\ARKai_C.ttf" height="12" outline="NORMAL"/>
	<Member alphabet="traditionalchinese">
		<Font font="Fonts\arheiuhk_bd.TTF" height="12" outline="NORMAL"/>
	<Member alphabet="russian">
		<Font font="Fonts\FRIZQT___CYR.TTF" height="10" outline="NORMAL"/>

Patch changes


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