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Race Merciless one (Aberration)
Level 52 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Uldir
Status Killable

Xalzaix is a merciless one that belonged to the C'Thrax known as Mythrax the Unraveler. Defeated by the snake loa Sethraliss, Mythrax was resurrected millennia later during the Fourth War. Channeling his power into Xalzaix, the faceless general destroyed the Great Seal at the heart of the great pyramid of Dazar'alor. He used it once more when confronted in Uldir, but was killed by brave adventurers.


  • Spell priest voidtendrils.png  Living Weapon — Mythrax commands Xalzaix to fly to a player's location, inflicting 58125 Shadow damage to all players within 8 yards on arrival. Xalzaix will retreat when brought to 50% health.
  • Spell priest voidsear.png  Obliteration Beam — Inflicts 19965 Shadow damage and applies Annihilation every 0.3 sec.
  • Ability priest voidentropy.png  Obliteration Blast — Fires an Obliteration Blast, inflicting 83035 Shadow damage and applying Annihilation to players caught in the blast.
  • Ability priest halo shadow.png  Void Echoes — Inflicts 33214 Shadow damage to all players. Each cast of Void Echoes increases subsequent casts by 50%.


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