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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The brewmaster known only as Xiang is one of the three most revered brewmasters alongside Chou Ling Sing and Hong Liu, and they had a frequent and friendly rivalry. Chou and Hong put their names on their brews, while Xiang preferred hers to go anonymous -- if she named none of them, she could claim all that did not bear the other two's names.[1]

After watching too many adventurers down on their luck attempt to hide from their pursuers in her bar, Xiang developed an inky drink called black whiskey. Thicker than most scotch whiskeys, it has a black tone that glows golden when the light hits it. The whiskey has a penetrating woody taste, and does not light a fire in the belly; it goes down smooth and cold. She sold shots of this to the desperate-looking types in her bar, and they paid nearly any price for its stealth properties.[1]