NeutralXiao, the Eater

Xiao's food
Start Master Stone Fist [43.2, 24.7]
End Master Stone Fist [43.2, 24.7]
Level 10-35
Category Jade Forest
Experience 110000
Rewards Item level 384 bracers
9g 80s
Previous N [10-35] Zhi-Zhi, the Dextrous, N [10-35] Husshun, the Wizened
Next N [10-35] A Test of Endurance


Caution: has been known to throw his food.

Challenge and defeat Xiao at the Tian Monastery.


You may have already met my best student, Xiao, at the banquet tables. I personally would have graduated him several times over, but Instructor Xann insists that he needs more discipline.

If you ask me, discipline means very little if you win every fight you enter. I'm curious to see if Xiao can keep his streak alive against you.


Inv bracer leather panda b 02.png [Bamboo Plate Armwraps] Inv bracer mail panda b 02blue.png [Fox Grove Bracers]
Inv bracer cloth panda b 02.png [Bamboo Strip Cuffs] Inv bracer cloth panda b 02.png [Bamboo Fiber Cuffs]
Inv bracer leather panda b 02.png [Bamboo Leaf Bindings] Inv bracer mail panda b 02blue.png [Jade Witch Armguards]
Inv bracer plate panda b 01.png [Bamboo Strip Bracers] Inv bracer plate panda b 01.png [Bamboo Leaf Armplates]
Inv bracer plate panda b 01.png [Bamboo Plate Armplates]

You will receive:

  • 9g 80s
  • 110000 XP


Young Xiao has a great future in martial arts. I wish you luck in your upcoming match.


I must admit, I was never surprised, <race>. You are a born fighter, and an excellent <class>.


Speak with Xiao at the Banquet Grounds:

  • I can't say I mind the food here. Or the beer for that matter.
  • Have you tried the rice? You really need to try the rice.
  • Eating is form of training, too, you know.
Gossip Put down your fork, and pick up your fists! I challenge you!
Xiao yells: Fine, then. It's time for an open-faced <Race> sandwich!

Xiao is a level 85 pandaren with 474,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Basic melee — 5700-6400 Physical. Only used if locked out of both spells.
  • Throw Rice 50 yd range — Inflicts damage to the target enemy by flinging food at them. 1.5 sec cast. Hits for ~3300 Physical.
  • Throw Beer 25 yd range — Throws a mug of beer at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage. 2.5 sec cast. Hits for ~5000 Physical. (8 sec cooldown)

On victory:

Xiao says: You win... this time. I'd better get back to my size training.


Optional breadcrumb: N [10-35] Tian Monastery

  1. N [10-35] The High Elder
  2. N [10-35] A Courteous Guest
  3. N [10-35] The Great Banquet
  4. Complete all of:
    • Making a weapon
    1. N [10-35] Groundskeeper Wu
    2. N [10-35] A Proper Weapon
    3. N [10-35] A Strong Back, N [10-35] A Steady Hand, N [10-35] And a Heavy Fist
    • Perfecting the form
    1. N [10-35] Your Training Starts Now
    2. N [10-35] Perfection
    3. N [10-35] Attention
    • Single-target and group combat
    1. N [10-35] Becoming Battle-Ready
    2. N [10-35] Zhi-Zhi, the Dextrous & N [10-35] Husshun, the Wizened
    3. N [10-35] Xiao, the Eater
    4. N [10-35] A Test of Endurance
    5. N [10-35] The Rumpus
  5. N [10-35] Flying Colors

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