Xin Wo Yin

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This article is about the character. For the statue of him in the Jade Forest, see Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted.
NeutralXin Wo Yin
Image of Xin Wo Yin
Title The Broken Hearted, Brewfather, Father of the Heartswell Brew[1]
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Occupation Brewfather
Status Deceased

Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted was a renowned pandaren brewfather. Generations ago, he created the "Heartswell Brew", a concoction that infuses the drinker's entire being with a profound sense of warmth and wellbeing. It is said that Xin Wo Yin so loved the product of his art that he wept tears of heavy sorrow over every keg that left his brewery. It is likely that he wept over one particular heart-shaped spigot, which has been preserved to the current day.[1][2]

A statue of Xin Wo Yin is located atop the Thunderpaw Overlook in the Jade Forest.


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