• Xuen's Cloak
  • Item Level 905Disenchants into:
     [Temporal Crystal]: 1-2
  • Binds when picked up
  • Back
  • 158 Armor
  • +1278 Agility or Intellect
  • +1918 Stamina
  • +574 Versatility
  • +372 Mastery
  • Xuen's Battlegear (1/6 pieces)
  •  [Xuen's Tunic]
     [Xuen's Cloak]
     [Xuen's Gauntlets]
     [Xuen's Helm]
     [Xuens' Legguards]
     [Xuen's Shoulderguards]
  • (2) Set (Brewmaster): Your attacks have a chance to grant you Effusion, causing your next Effuse to be instant and heal for 400% more.
    (2) Set (Windwalker): Rising Sun Kick applies Rising Fist to the target for 8 sec, increasing the critical strike chance of your Fists of Fury against the target by 25%.
    (2) Set (Mistweaver): Your healing spell casts have a 10% chance to grant Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 75%.
    (4) Set (Brewmaster): After consuming Effusion, you clear 25% of your Staggered damage.
    (4) Set (Windwalker): Fists of Fury increases the critical strike chance of your next Rising Sun Kick by 50%.
    (4) Set (Mistweaver): Consuming Surge of Mists resets the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea.
  • Classes: Monk
  • Requires Level 110
  • Sell Price: 46g 94s 25c


This item drops from The Desolate Host in Tomb of Sargeras.

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