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Image of Xun
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Location Pandaria
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Xun was the main focus of the tale told to Tarlo Mondan by Mei Pa, Kuo, and Shi Ga.


According to legend Xun was born in the tiny Pandaren village of Za Xiang, who depended on their fishers and had no farmers or hunters. However one day an unnatural famine found their village and the fish disappeared from the sea, which caused the residents of the village to suffer. Even as families began to abandon the town in droves, the stubborn twelve year old Xun refused to leave and vowed to get get a fish in order to feed not just his family, but the entire village as well.

After many different attempts at getting fish the angry Xun waded out into the ocean and then drove underneath the water. While he did sea a fish he was unable to catch to do seeing it being captured by a monster that was huge and ropy like an eel, but was scrunched up as though it could not fully stretch itself out.. Quickly realizing that this creature was responsible for lack of fish being captured by the people of Za Xiang, Xun swallowed his fear and swam after the creature and stole the fish right out of its mouth and quickly hurried home. As he entered his home he dropped the fish on the table and told his family that they did not have to leave, they just had to find a new way to fish and then could feed everyone.

While the villagers were able to successfully catch fish once more, it was not effort to feed the whole town and Xun decided the only to save his village was to deal with the monster. While he was unable to attract the monster, he did catch the attention of a group of Dragon turtles and during the battle that followed Xun was eventually swallowed whole. However Xun was able to hold his breath long enough for the dragon turtle to drown and due air within Xun's lungs did not sink. As such when a villager spotted the beast and brought to town Xun was freed when the villagers cut the beast's belly open to the relief of Xun's family. With the meat of the dragon turtle, the villagers of Za Xiang were full for the first time in a long while.

As the years went by the people would continue to eat the dragon turtles and other creatures that Xun brought them when he ventured forth. In time the people Za Xiang stopped fished and began relying on Xun and while Xun was happy to take care of everyone, he began to worry as old age came over him that the people of the village (who could not haul up the fauna like he could) would be forced to leave the village when he passed on. He was also increasingly concerned about the lack of fish present within the waters.

As such Xun ventured into the ocean in order to combat the monster of legend from the tales he remembers hearing as a boy. When he found such a create the two battled for days without rest but in the end Xun was victorious. However Xun himself was too exhausted from the battle and eventually died in the cave, while seeing the fish (ancestors of the golden carp) escape to freedom.[1]