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;Upon charging
;Upon charging
:{{Text|say|Flux|Hey, you didn't fry your brains out. Look at you.
:{{Text|say|Flux|Hey, you didn't fry your brains out. Look at you.}}
:{{Text|say|Flux|Now scram. Your first-timer discount is all used up.
:{{Text|say|Flux|Now scram. Your first-timer discount is all used up.}}
;Upon completion
;Upon completion

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NeutralYour First Charge is Free!
Start Flip Quickcharge
End Pristy Quickcharge
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 1,800
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous N [50] Batteries Not Included


Gain access to the Charging Station in Bondo's Yard, then use it to charge an  [Empty Energy Cell].


Do you feel the energy rippling through the ground here, my dear test subject?

<Flip inhales deeply.>

Without that constant bristle of electricity, nothing of any meaning would exist.

My dear sister and I have tapped into a high-voltage power line buried here, but the real juice is over in Bondo's Yard. He selfishly hoards access to the heftiest power line in Mechagon!

If you want to recharge your empty energy cells, you're going to have to get access to the Charging Station from Flux.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


Bondo's dunderhead who lucked into the best bargaining chip on the island.


Flux is rude, crude, and I suspect more than a little unglued.

Be careful with that wondrous energy cell. Those little packs of power are worth their weight in gold out here in Mechagon!


On accept
Flip Quickcharge says: Good news, dear sister! We have empty energy cells for the NRG-100!
Pristy Quickcharge says: Wondrous, dear brother. I'll redouble my efforts to repair the malfunctioning circuit.
Flip Quickcharge says: It is truly a glorious day.
Entering the yard.
Bondo Bigblock yells: We got a visitor!
Flux says: Eyes off the charger 'til you talk to me, low-watt.
Bondo Bigblock yells: Some <race> is poking around the yard!

To continue, finish N [50] Your First Charge Ain't Free!

Upon charging
Flux says: Hey, you didn't fry your brains out. Look at you.
Flux says: Now scram. Your first-timer discount is all used up.
Upon completion
Pristy Quickcharge says: Bondo's Charging Station isn't stable. It won't be available most days.
Pristy Quickcharge says: Ask that clever Miss Gearhart if you wish to know more. We must get back to our experiments.
Flip Quickcharge says: Yes, we must restore power to our generator. For science!



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