Your Fullest Potential

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NeutralYour Fullest Potential
Start Aggra
End Aggra
Level 102 - 110 (Requires 102)
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 1,530
Previous N Shaman [102 - 110] Expanding Your Horizons


Speak with Aggra to choose a third artifact to pursue.

  • Choose a Third Artifact to Pursue


I see that you walk many paths, as a true shaman should.

Two mighty artifacts are already in your possession. To seek a third would not be greed: it would be the fulfillment of your destiny, the completion of a circle.

Speak with me, and together we will unlock your fullest potential.


You will receive:


Where are the spirits guiding you, Farseer?


The path ahead is clear. Your allies await you on this ledge. May the spirits walk with you, Farseer!


Speaking with Aggra
Have you come to a decision yet, Farseer?
I would give you guidance, but in this, you must look within.
Gossip What are my options again?


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