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Image of Z'rali
Gender Female
Race Naaru (Uncategorized)
Level 57-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters, Venthyr Covenant
Former affiliation(s) Light
Location Dawnkeep, Revendreth
Status Alive

Z'rali is a naaru who participated in a battle in Revendreth that took place in Sinfall, which was once a place of dark magic and experimentation for Sire Denathrius. An affront upon the Light was committed there, and Z'rali and the Light's forces retaliated, seeking justice. They scorched the Ember Ward, blighting it with holy magic, but its walls still stand.[1][2] She was defeated and laid broken on the battlefield until she was found by "unseen ones" who preserved her to serve as a vessel for Denathrius' rage. She cannot return to her home because the other naaru would only consider her an aberration due to being tainted by what Denathrius did to her.[3]

She was held prisoner in the Sanguine Depths until the Maw Walker and Renathal's rebellion helped rescue her. Z'rali was too weak to return to her home, but her nature made her a risk to any venthyr. As such, Prince Renathal gave the naaru authority over the tower of Dawnkeep, which is the place where her kind first emerged in Revendreth and is most saturated with the Light.[4]

After Denathrius was defeated at Castle Nathria, his sword Remornia absorbed his essence. Prince Renathal placed bonds of warding on the blade in order to contain Denathrius and prevent the sword from escaping, but stronger arrangements were necessary. Remornia was brought to Z'rali at Dawnkeep, where the naaru used her Light to keep the Sire imprisoned. Prince Renathal also hoped that the torture would eventually reeducate Denathrius to be the kind of person he used to be.[5]


  • Ability priest holybolts01.png  Anguished Cries — Bolts of holy light burst from Z'rali, inflicting 11718 Holy damage to all players within 5 yards of the impact and an additional 1758 Holy damage every 1.5 sec for 12 sec.


Home. It calls to me, mortal. And yet, I will never know its warmth again.
My kind would not perceive me as I was. They would see only an aberration. Fractured. Tainted by the touch of this realm's dark Master.
Now there is but one path before me. To ensure the Light is felt here. That justice is rendered. And that Death is made to know its place.
So here I remain. Bound by duty. Until my last flicker fades away.

Gossip Why are you in the Shadowlands?

We came seeking justice. Retribution. To answer an affront committed upon the Light itself.
Our numbers were vast. Uncountable. Every heart burning with righteous fury.
Many fell. But not before we unleashed a fire that our enemies could not endure. The seething scar of our vengeance still lingers in the firmament.
I lay broken on the battlefield. Until the unseen ones found me. Preserved me. To serve as a vessel for their Sire's rage.
But I endured. I knew the Light had a destiny. For me. And for your kind as well, mortal.


  • Speak child, the Shadows have yet to claim me.
  • However faint, the Light shines on.
  • Denathrius will know true penance.
  • Bring Light to this darkness.

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