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Title Chieftain
Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Whiteclaw clan
Occupation Chieftain of the Whiteclaw clan
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Several brothers and sons

Zagrel was the chieftain of the orcish Whiteclaw clan a few years prior to the First War. He was one of the Horde's most vocal opponents, leading to his assassination by Garona Halforcen on behalf of Gul'dan.


During the clan meeting at Oshu'gun where Ner'zhul told the gathered orcs that the draenei were enemies of the orcs and that the orcs needed to unite and destroy them, Zagrel was one of the most outspoken critics. He did not believe slaughtering the draenei would make life better. On the contrary, it might anger the elements even more. While the discussion continued, Gul'dan took note of Zagrel and others who stubbornly opposed unity and resolved to not forget their names.[1]

A few years later, after the formation of the Horde, Gul'dan dispatched agents of his Shadow Council to the orcish territories to spread word of Chieftain Blackhand's mighty deeds and inform the orcs that Blackhand's shaman had discovered a new power even greater than the elements. The Shadow Council agents also spied on the clans, taking notes of those who opposed the Horde, and relayed this information back to Gul'dan. Zagrel in particular drew Gul'dan's ire, for he had called on the clans to end their pointless war with the draenei and focus their attention on shamanic rituals. Zagrel believed that only through dedicated worship and adherence to old traditions could the orcs regain their relationship with the elements. Gul'dan feared that Zagrel could eventually win the support of orcs who questioned the Horde, such as Durotan and his Frostwolves. He would need to deal with the Whiteclaws' troublesome leader quickly, and so ordered his assassin, Garona, to strike Zagrel down. Garona silently slipped into the Whiteclaw encampment and stabbed Zagrel through the heart. None of the Whiteclaws would ever know she'd been there. After their leader's untimely death, inner turmoil gripped the clan as Zagrel's brothers and sons battled for the title of chieftain. The clan would endure, but would never be as strong as they had once been.[2]

Zagrel's death caused Durotan's unease to grow. He was already growing wary of the war against the draenei, and considered it to be no mere coincidence that the Horde's most vocal opponent had died, but yet he had no proof of who had murdered the Whiteclaw chieftain.[2]