Type Village
Leader(s)  High Priestess Zenja
Race(s) Blood trollBlood troll Blood troll
Language(s) Zandali
Location Nazmir
Status Active (in game)
Unknown (lore)

Zalamar is the main blood troll village in the swamps of Nazmir. Drudges tied up around the village as part of a ritual; they are beaten as a test to make them stronger, those who succeed are allowed to fight the Zandalari, those who fail are sacrificed.[1]


During the Fourth War, Zalamar was infiltrated by Jo'chunga who discovered that Hir'eek had been corrupted by G'huun. After the Speaker of the Horde joined up with Jo'chunga, the pair resolved to kill Hir'eek to ensure that G'huun didn't have the backing of the loa. Thus the pair resolved to isolate Zalamar to prevent outside interference.[2] As part of their gambit the Blood Witches Vashera, Yialu, and Zu'Anji were killed to acquire the talismans in their possession due to them being blessed by Hir'eek.[3] In the midst of it, the Speaker struck out against the denizens of Zalamar.[4]

After the talismans were acquired and turned into a poison, Hir'eek called for the blood trolls to cease their attacks and called for the Speaker and Jo'chunga to come forth.[5] In the ensuing struggle between the corrupted loa and the two, Hir'eek was slain.[6] Though Hir'eek was killed the blood trolls remained in control of Zalamar.

Seeking to sever the bonds between the Zandalari and the Horde, the Alliance sought to strike at Dazar'alor itself. However, the Alliance sought to trick the Zandalari and the Horde that they were going to attack from Nazmir. To this end, the Alliance wrested control of Zalamar away from the blood trolls in order to establish their forces within the village.[7] Following the successful recapture of the Zul'jan Ruins by the Horde and Zandalari forces, the conjoined armies headed towards Zalamar to take the fight to the Alliance.[8] Following the death of Blademaster Telaamon, the Horde army left for the Far Reach to deal with the fog and the Alliance fleet. After realizing that they had been tricked, the Horde rushed towards Zuldazar in order defend Dazar'alor from the Alliance.[9]

The current status and who inhabitants Zalamar is unknown.



  • In the demo shown at BlizzCon 2017, the settlement was known as Shaldra'mah instead.[10] It was later changed to Zala'mar, then finally Zalamar.

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