HordeZalazane's Fall
Start Vol'jin
End Vol'jin
Level 75
Category Durotar
Rewards [Darkspear Shroud]
6g 80s (or 12g 96s at 80)
Previous H [75] Preparin' For Battle
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The subject of this article or section was part of Zalazane's Fall, a world event that heralded the recovery of the Echo Isles before Cataclysm.


Help Vol'jin take back the Echo Isles and kill Zalazane.


De time for battle is now! We'd be headin' ova to da islands soon, so you'd betta be ready.

Zalazane doesn't have much time left.


<name>, you'd be a mighty warrior and a fierce commrade to da Darkspear trolls. De Echo Isles are OURS now and we couldn'ta done it wit'out ya.

Take dis cloak. Wear it wit pride. You'd be a member of da tribe now!

In no time, da trolls will have a home again and we have you to thank for dat.


There is a scripted event shortly before the event begins.

Six minute countdown begins

Vol'jin yells: Sons and daughters of de Darkspear! Friends of de tribe!
Vol'jin yells: We be gatherin' here, on de shores of Sen'jin Village, to be takin' BACK what is ours!
Vol'jin yells: Come, now! Join de liberation of de Echo Isles! Zalazane will FALL!

Three minutes to start

Vol'jin yells: We be gettin' ready to march to de Isles, an' FREE dem of Zalazane's wicked rule! Join me!

One minute to start

Vol'jin yells: Zalazane's time has come! De Darkspear will have a proper home again. Be ready!
A bat flies in, lands next to Vol'jin and transforms into a troll - the druid Zen'tabra.
Vol'jin says: You came, wise sista! De Darkspear be grateful.
Zen'tabra says: Of course, Son of Sen'jin. Zen'tabra always keep her word.

Event begins

Vol'jin says: De time has come! Warrior of de Darkspear, make ready! Da Loa walk wit us! Are ya ready, Vanira, Zen'tabra?
Vanira says: De elements be walkin' wit us, too...
Zen'tabra says: do de beasts of de Isles.
Vol'jin says: Den we go! First, to Bwonsamdi... if we gonna win dis, we need his mojo on our side.
The party moves to a first isle.
Vol'jin kneels at the skull pile and begins a chant.
Bwonsamdi appears.
Bwonsamdi yells: WHO BE STIRRIN'UP MY BONES? Dem's Bwonsamdi's charges, and not ta be touched!
Vol'jin yells: I be Vol'jin, Son of Sen'jin, here ta ask your aid, o great Bwonsamdi.
Bwonsamdi yells: I know who ya are, shadow hunter. An' I know what ya WANT. But what makes you tink I'm gonna help YOU? Ain't a wise ting, callin' me from the Other Side...
Vol'jin yells: I ain't askin' for me alone, Great Spirit, but on behalf of da Darkspear Tribe... on behalf of me PEOPLE.
Bwonsamdi yells: Darkspear... it been a long time since I heard de drums... since I drank de ritual offerings. I be watchin' over your dead, Vol'jin, and for NOTHIN'. Why have de Darkspear forsaken Bwonsamdi, eh?
Vol'jin yells: We were driven away, Great Spirit. Hexmaster Zalazane took de Isles from us... drove us mad, made us fight one another. De only trolls left in de Echo Isles are his mindless voodoo slaves.
Bwonsamdi yells: Zalazane...
Vol'jin yells: Aid us, Bwonsamdi! Help us regain our home! Return de Darkspear to de Isles and hear your drums again! Drink your ritual offerings once more! Dis, as de Son of Sen'jin, I swear.
Bwonsamdi yells: Hrmmm. Time ta see how bad ya want dis, shadow hunter. Time ta see if you be WORTHY.
A battle errupts and the party emerges victorious.
Bwonsamdi yells: Ya tink ya got what it takes ta face ME? Give up, shadow hunter!
Bwonsamdi enters the fray.
Bwonsamdi yells: ENOUGH! You got some BIG mojo, Vol'jin. maybe you worth helpin' after all...
Vol'jin yells: Not me, Great Spirit. Me TRIBE.
Bwonsamdi says: Go to de old village, across de water. Take it back. I'll help ya den.
The party moves to the main isle. A battle errupts, Jun'do the Traitor is finally killed.
Bwonsamdi yells: Spirits of de Darkspear... ARISE! Take up de ancient masks, take up de bloody spears... you be followin' VOL'JIN, now!
Bwonsamdi yells: Now GO! use me boon wisely.
Vol'jin says: Don' be underestimatin' Zalazane... he be a tricky foe, cunnin' and strong with de voodoo. Are ya ready? MOVE ON!
The party reaches Zalazane's camp.
Vol'jin yells: It be TIME, hexmaster! De sons and daughters of de Darkspear have returned! We gonna drive you into de sea...
Zalazane yells: You ain't doin' nothin' of de sort, shadow hunter. De Echo Isles are MINE!
Zalazane yells: Witness de power of me voodoo... you ain't leavin' dis island ALIVE!
A battle errupts, the party emerges victorious and Zalazane flees.
Zalazane yells: ha ha ha ha!
Vol'jin yells: We can't be lettin' him get away!
Zen'tabra yells: Der ain't no escapin' Zen'tabra. Not while he on dese islands.
Vol'jin yells: Den find him, wise one. Go!
Zen'tabra transforms into a bat and flies away, then returns.
Zen'tabra says: He be just west of here, workin' at some black magic.
Vol'jin says: Not for long. Time ta finish dis ting.
The party moves to another isle.
Vol'jin says: Give up, Zalazane. It be over, now.
Zalazane yells: You fool! I ain't runnin' away. I lured ya here ta kill ya wit' your own precious tribe!
A battle errupts and the party emerges victorious.
Zalazane yells: No matter! I can't be touched. No living ting can make its way trough dis barrier! Da Echo Isles be Zalazane's ta rule, shadow hunter! Now, and FOREVER!
Bwonsamdi yells: BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!
Zalazane yells: Who... who dat be?
Bwonsamdi yells: ZALAZANE. What you tinkin', takin' dat which be mine? De Darkspear dead are MY domain, sorcerer... and now you gonna be one of dem!
Zalazane's shield is dispelled.
Zalazane yells: No! No... NOOO!
Zalazane explodes.
Vol'jin says: A fittin' end for so foul a troll. Bwonsamdi; you have my tanks, and dat of all de Darkspear. We will continue to honor you, as is proper.
Bwonsamdi says: It'll be good to hear de Darkspear drums once more. You take care now, Son of Sen'jin. Bwonsamdi will be waitin' for ya... on de Other Side...
Vol'jin says: Time to return to de village. Time to rebuild our home... de Darkspear's home. Will you be stayin' wit' us, wise Zen'Tabra?
Zen'tabra says: me fate be entwined wit' yours now, Vol'jin, for good or for ill. I be stayin'.

The party is then booted back to Sen'jin Village (the debuff is called, appropriately, "Bwonsamdi's Boot").


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