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Gender Male
Race Jungle troll
Class Witch doctor
Affiliation(s) Independent
Former affiliation(s) Gurubashi tribe
Status Deceased

Zan'do was an ambitious troll witch doctor of the Gurubashi tribe who had been ousted from a position of power and prestige by his rivals. He spent his days nursing dreams of retribution, and one day came to take up Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire, which easily latched onto Zan'do's anger and twisted him into a pawn.

Guided by the sentient dagger's whispers, Zan'do and a handful of loyal witch doctors sought out a strange mound of blackened stone which troll mystics had forbidden their people from disturbing. Zan'do ignored the taboo, as he believed that the mound held great power that he could use to defeat his rivals. He and his followers soon discovered that the mound was actually the body of an enormous, slumbering servant of the Old Gods named Kith'ix. Xal'atath urged Zan'do to begin making blood offerings to the creature, and with his mind corrupted by the blade, the troll did not hesitate. He dismembered some of his companions with the dagger, used their blood and organs as reagents to awaken the creature, and finally buried Xal'atath in Kith'ix's hide, causing the monstrosity to rumble to life.

Zan'do and his followers were never seen again. Trolls would later visit the site and find only scattered bones picked clean of flesh.[1]