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Gender Male
Race Jungle troll
Affiliation(s) Gurubashi tribe
Occupation Warlord of the Gurubashi tribe
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Jok'non (father)

Zan'non was a Gurubashi jungle troll who took up control of the Gurubashi tribes following his father Jok'non's death around 18 years prior to the opening of the Dark Portal. None of the Gurubashi who had witnessed Jok'non's death at the hands of Medivh had survived, but it took little imagination for the trolls to guess who was responsible. They soon rallied under Zan'non's banner and marched to war against Stormwind, marking the beginning of the Gurubashi War.[1]

When the trolls arrived at the walls of Stormwind City, the human soldiers trembled at their numbers. Zan'non had learned some of his father's forbidden tricks, using them to transform a few Gurubashi into hulking berserkers who climbed Stormwind's walls and ripped its soldiers to pieces. The death toll on both sides mounted quickly, and the human king, Barathen Wrynn, knew that it would take a miracle to break the Gurubashi siege. Thus, he mounted a desperate counterattack with his personal guards, storming directly into the hellish front lines with the intent of taking Zan'non's head. The king almost succeeded, but the odds were against him and he died on the field of battle. Prince Llane mourned his father's death but knew that the city now looked to him for guidance. Stormwind's forces had fallen into disarray and all seemed lost. Llane pleaded with Medivh to unleash his Guardian powers as he had once before. Medivh agreed, being both frightened and excited at the thought of unleashing his full powers. He stood on Stormwind City's ramparts and rained down destruction on the Gurubashi, freezing, incinerating and blasting them to pieces. When Medivh called off his arcane barrage, the city still stood and the Gurubashi and their leader were dead. Only a handful of trolls had escaped the maelstrom of magic.[1]


Preceded by:
Leader of the Gurubashi tribe
Succeeded by:
Bloodlord Mandokir (earliest known)