For the achievement, see Horde  [Zandalar Forever!].
HordeZandalar Forever!
Start King Rastakhan
End King Rastakhan
Level 30-50
Category Zuldazar
Experience 26,800
Reputation +250 Zandalari Empire
Rewards 70g 20s
Next H [50] Zalazane Returns


Complete the Zandalar Forever scenario.


Bwonsamdi has whispered a warning to me: the enemy is on the move.

I have gathered what defenses I could in the time allowed but we are dangerously under powered.

I can only hope that, thanks to your efforts, the loa will be with us this day.

Are you ready to defend Zandalar?


You will receive:


We have won the battle, not the war.


King Rastakhan
Zul's treachery cuts deeper than I realized. With his rebellion, he practically depleted my army.
Those still loyal to me are dying on the battlefield behind me to these invading, endless swarms of blood trolls.
I should have listened to Talanji.
Gossip I am ready to defend Zandalar.

You are teleported into the scenario phase of the zone.

For Zandalar!

Stage 1 - Prepare the Assault

  • Gather your forces and mount Old K'zlotec.
  • Mount Old K'zlotec.
G'huun yells: Now. Shatter the final seal.
King Rastakhan yells: De Blood Gate is overrun. Quickly, we must crush as many of dese invaders as we can before dey reach de city.

Next to Old K'zlotec is Old Rotana with Raptari Warriors on it. If you wander far away, Bwonsamdi will teleport you back.

Stage 2 - Battle of the Sliver

Old K'Zlotec has the following abilities:

  • Ability hunter pet devilsaur.png  Chomp — Deal 342573 Physical damage to all enemies in a 15 yd cone.
  • Spell warlock demonicportal purple.png  Frill Blast — Inflicts 685138 Fire damage to all enemies in a hemisphere in front of the caster.
  • Spell fire blueflamebreath.png  Spiritfire Beam — Fires a beam of fire energy, inflicting 205547 Fire damage and jumping to a nearby enemy, affecting up to 99 targets.

Kill Siege Monstrosities, Blood Troll Warmothers, Blood Trolls, Blood Hexxers, and Blood Crawgs.

While attacking, the enemies say:

  • Blood Troll says: More blood! More blood!
  • Blood Troll says: Fresh flesh, flowing blood.
  • Blood Troll says: Gut ya!
  • Blood Troll says: Skin ya!
  • Blood Troll says: Nice bones.
  • Blood Troll says: Ma'da needs ya blood.

While attacking, Rastakhan says:

  • King Rastakhan says: A gift for old Bwonsamdi.
  • King Rastakhan says: Dere are so many.
  • King Rastakhan says: Die, invaders!

Stage 3 - Secure the Bridge to Dazar'alor

  • Secure the bridge to Dazar'alor
  • Secure the bridge to Dazar'alor
King Rastakhan yells: Too many are getting past us. Make for de bridge to Dazar'alor. We can force dem into a choke point.

Stage 4 - Threat from the West

Krag'wa the Huge jumps onto the bridge and kills the approaching enemies.
Krag'wa the Huge says: Go, Little King. I shall swallow any who try to follow you.
Pa'ku says: Rastakhan! The snakes of Vol'dun siege your western border. Do something about it.
King Rastakhan says: Talanji, take de Horde champion and muster our forces dere. I will work with Krag'wa to secure de Sliver.
Princess Talanji says: Be careful, Father. Dese are plans long set by an enemy beyond our reckoning.

Jump on Pa'ku to continue. Mythrax can be seen fighting Pa'ku, Gonk, and Kimbul in Zanchul.

Stage 5 - Liberate the Zocalo

  • Rescue the civilians of the Zocalo and slay the sethrak army there.
  • 10 Civilians rescued
  • 10 Sethrak slain
Pa'ku says: Something drives the sethrak to attack. They are swarming like never before.
Princess Talanji says: Dis champion tells us dat Mythrax the Unraveller has arisen.
Pa'ku says: Well... that is... inconvenient.
Warguard Rakera says: Form ranks! Warbows at de ready.
Princess Talanji says: Rakera, assuming command of our forces, I see.
Warguard Rakera says: Talanji, riding loa into battle, I see.
Princess Talanji says: Dark times call for great deeds. How do things look?
Warguard Rakera says: Dire. We are flanked. De loa are doing what dey can, but we need to rally any troll dat can hold a spear.
Princess Talanji says: Champion, look for any civilians still in de Zocalo and send dem to us. We will follow as we are able.

Talanji joins Warguard Rakera, Bladeguard Kaja, Meerah, and Pa'kura Warbows. Akunda is fighting outside.

See to your city, hero. I will hold the Northern road from these vile sethrak.
Bladeguard Kaja
I never thought I would see the streets of Zuldazar overrun by any enemy...
Warguard Rakera
Where are de defenses? Has Zuldazar grown so weak from Zul's betrayal it cannot defend itself?
I had Meerah rush us to get here in time to warn de royal guards, but dere are so few left. It will fall to us to defend what remains.
You wouldn't believe the route we had to take to get here before the sethrak. If your friends didn't have my help they never would have made it over those mountains in time.
Oh, and we brought Akunda and Kimbul. Akunda is covering our backs and I don't know where Kimbul went but he said something about "rending the enemy" or something.
All I know is that we saw a LOT of sethrak coming this way. A LOT OF!

Going through the Zocalo, Talajni conjures Loa's Prayer: Regeneration. Rescue ten from Rakle the Wretched, Chronicler Bah'Kini, Madam Konawla, Vessel Iluna, Vessel Zetoa, No'ci the Scribe, Trader Haw'li, Old Tella, Toko, Bri'tani, Headhunter Lani, Moj'ito, and B'wizati. Kill Sethrak Skycallers, Diamondback Warbringers, and Bladesworn Diamondbacks. Lightning Spires do not count.

Civilian gossip
Blood cultists, sethrak, mogu, and even our own Zul? I miss de simple days when we were just trying to take over de world.
Gossip Make for Princess Talanji and Warguard Rakera.
Vendor gossip
I swear, if I survive dis, I promise not to swindle my customers for at least two... maybe three weeks.
Chronicler Bah'Kini
I stood in the wake of the scourge when it stormed across Zul'Drak, and yet this attack on my homeland by those we trusted as friends....
Well, I am normally not a violent troll, but I do believe I may need to kill someone for dis.
Old Tella
This is nothing. During de third war I witnessed de great bone dance of de Rootway. It was de most scarousing ting I ever seen.
Invasions, coups, rise of the old gods, bah! I am lot leaving this Zocalo until Old Tella here pays me back.

The civilians all run to the group and get a sword and shield. A dead Caravan Brutosaur bars the path.

Stage 6 - Follow the pack

  • Join Gonk and his pack at the bridge to Dazar'alor.
  • Reach Dazar'alor
Kimbul yells: The way is clear, little ones. Move now. Mythrax is approaching.

Stage 7 - Meet with King Rastakhan

  • Find King Rastakhan at the entrance to Dazar'alor.
  • Find King Rastakhan at the entrance to Dazar'alor.
Zul the Prophet says: Come, Mythrax. Come, Unraveller. De final seal must be broken.
Princess Talanji says: Champion, de loa and I will hold off Mythrax for as long as possible. Find my father and put an end to Zul!

Sethrak and another Mythrax stand at the end of the bridge. Approaching Mythrax at the end of the bridge causes Noxious Rot. Dead Rastari Defenders are laying next to King Rastakhan.

We will not be able to hold Mythrax for long. Slay Zul while there is still time.

Continue to Rastakhan.

Final Stage - Reach Zul

  • Assault Dazar'alor to reach Zul before he can destroy the pyramid.
  • Reach Zul
King Rastakhan says: Too many sided with Zul. Dere is only one path forward...
King Rastakhan says: Bwonsamdi, show yourself!
Bwonsamdi appears.
Bwonsamdi says: Easy now, ya Majesty. Bwonsamdi are[sic] always helping friend...
Bwonsamdi says: Rise... rise! Don't be lazy now! Take up ya spears again and FIGHT!
Bwonsamdi rises Rastari Spirits from nearby bodies.

The ghosts attack Warlord Kara-na and his soldiers blocking the way.

Warlord Kara-na says: You will never reach the precipice in time!
Warlord Kara-na says: Zul has foreseen this day. By fighting to change destiny, you only prove its inevitable truth!
Warlord Kara-na says: Zul... never said... I would lose...

Continue along the way to the top, killing Kao-Tien Renders and Zanchuli Betrayers.

  • Zanchuli Betrayer says: Ya can't kill us all...
  • Zanchuli Betrayer says: My death... be changin'... nothin'...

On the upper level, the bodies of Torcali Ironhides can be seen. Attack Ma'da Renkala.

Ma'da Renkala says: Your soul for me master! Your soul for G'huun!

Upon her death, a cinematic plays.

Zul laughs.
Zul: You are too late, Rastakhan. Rise. Rise Mythrax. Rise.
Rastakhan: Bwonsamdi! We had a deal. Grant me your power!
Bwonsamdi empowers Rastakhan. Rastakhan and Zul fight.
Zul: Mythrax, do it now! Destroy the seal!
Zul observes Mythrax as he charges a blast, and drops his weapon. Rastakhan charges and stabs Zul. The blast hits the seal.
Zul laughs.
Zul: Fool. Long may you reign... over your empire of ash.
Rastakhan punches Zul. He falls into violet fire.
Bwonsamdi chuckles.
Bwonsamdi: Look at this. Congratulations, Your Majesty. The kingdom... is ours.




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