The Zandalar Tribe sets are a collection of 5-piece sets acquired from the old Zul'Gurub 20-man raid via quests requiring token drops from the raid, as well as reputation with the Zandalar Tribe.

The sets were removed from the game with the new 5-man version of Zul'Gurub replacing the raid in Patch 4.1.0


Zandalar Tribe Sets.jpg
Class Set
Druid Druid Haruspex's Garb
Hunter Hunter Predator's Armor
Mage Mage Illusionist's Attire
Paladin Paladin Freethinker's Armor
Priest Priest Confessor's Raiment
Rogue Rogue Madcap's Outfit
Shaman Shaman Augur's Regalia
Warlock Warlock Demoniac's Threads
Warrior Warrior Vindicator's Battlegear


  • These item sets are sometimes referred to as "Tier 1.5".
  • Oddly, the sets all contain a trinket that could be combined by the player using various drops from Zul'Gurub.