MobZandalari Beast Ward
War-God Jalak.jpg
Main leader  War-God Jalak †
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Base of operations Throne of Thunder; Beast Pens
Theater of operations Isle of Thunder; Isle of Giants
Language(s) Zandali, Mogu
Affiliation Zandalari Invaders, Zandalari Empire, Mogu empire
Status Decimated

“Say what you will about the Zandalari but none can contest their ability to turn even the most repellant of creatures into a trained weapon.”

Scout Captain Daelin / Scout Captain Elsia[1]

The Zandalari Beast Ward,[2][3] or simply the Beast Ward,[4] is a division of the Zandalari forces of Zul used during the invasion of Pandaria. It is dedicated to breeding, supplying and empowering beasts of war for conquest.

Zul's forces brought these powerful creatures with them to the Isle of Thunder to use as engines of war. Led by the War-God Jalak, the dinomancers of the Zandalari Beast Ward use ancient tribal magics to strengthen the great beasts and command obedience.[2] While the Loa Speakers infuse beasts with the power of the loa,[3][5] similarly to how they empower their weaponry.[6][7] On the Isle of Giants, the Beast Ward raised mighty beasts as engines of war.[3]

The Zandalari use a series of fetishes and charms to maintain their control over their menagerie of beasts.[8] Due to the need for raptors in war and the limited time that they have, the Zandalari have awakened the "old ways" and turned to taking the blood of the raptors and binding their essence to fetishes.[9]

Some of the most skilled beast tamers in the Zandalari military can be found in the Beast Pens, where they build their cavalry. They are trained to kill with axe, beast, and claw.[10]

Some Zandalari beastlords carry spears that serve as scrimshaws, with tips carved from the rack of a direhorn's skull.[11]



Name Status Location
Mob  War-God Jalak <Ward of Beasts> Killable Royal Amphitheater (Throne of Thunder)
Mob  Ku'lai the Skyclaw <Ward of Beasts> Killable Za'Tual (Isle of Thunder)
Mob  War-God Dokah <Ward of Beasts> Killable Isle of Giants
Mob  Dohaman the Beast Lord Killable Isle of Giants
Mob  Beastcaller Aht'lutal Killable Za'Tual (Isle of Thunder)
Mob  Beastmaster Horaki Killable Isle of Thunder


Possible members

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