Coast of the Zangar Sea.

Underwater concept art.

The Zangar Sea (also known as the Sea of Zangar)[1] is the name of the sea that lies between Frostfire Ridge and Nagrand on central Draenor. Seemingly having a mind of its own, it seeks to overtake the land by releasing thousands of spores and slowly growing inland over time.[2] The sea, and thus the Zangar encroachment, was created from the rotting body of the Sporemound Zang.[3]

During the war in Draenor, the Horde set up a naval blockade around the sea in order to protect their garrison.[4]

In the main timeline, marshes covered in fungi existed along the coast. At some point, either because of fel corruption, because of Draenor's shattering, or because of the aforementioned intention to overtake the land, the rest of the sea was transformed into a swamp that is known now as the Zangarmarsh.


The Zangar Sea stretches around the coasts of central Draenor.

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  • Zangar Frenzies and Deepwater Giants can be found living in the Zangar Sea.
  • The Twin Spire Ruins were meant to be lighthouses among the Zangar Sea,[5] and Telredor was built on an island in the region.[6]
    • Despite the information that Telredor was built on an island, in Warlords of Draenor the structure is nowhere to be found, but there is a rather large mushroom roughly in its location off the coast of Frostfire Ridge and Talador.[7] While bigger than the others around it, it is still not big enough to hold Telredor. In case the monastery wasn't consciously discontinued in the alternate timeline, it is possible that the Iron Horde destroyed it during their invasion of Talador, as it would be somewhere near their landing site on the Orunai Coast.
    • Either way, the in-game map of Draenor and the maps of Chronicle have an island where Telredor should be located, though it is not present in the game.


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