For the bonus objective, see N [20-40B] Zangarra.



Zangarra is a secluded cove off the Tanaan Channel, between Talador and Tanaan Jungle. The cove serves as the base of operations of the Kirin Tor in Draenor and has several wards and arcane elementals standing guard. There is a transporter from the top of the cliff down to Khadgar's Tower.

Despite the Kirin Tor being officially affiliated with the Alliance, the pragmatic Archmage Khadgar accepts help from both the Alliance and Horde. Thus both sides can use the services provided by the NPCs.

In the lower parts of the area, there are many plant and marsh creatures including sporebats, podlings and spore giants.

Zangarra digsite

The lower area is also an ogre archaeology site.

Notable NPCs


This was the location of the Chronal Spire in early builds.

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