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Type Village
Race(s) Forest trollForest troll Forest troll
Language(s) Zandali
Faith(s) Loa
Affiliation(s) Shadowpine tribe
Location Northeastern Ghostlands[76.2, 12]
Status Active

Zeb'Sora is a small Shadowpine forest troll village located on the east shore of Lake Elrendar in the northeastern Ghostlands, just south of the border with the Eversong Woods and just north of Dawnstar Spire.

Lieutenant Tomathren of the Farstriders led a poorly conceived attack on the village that resulted in the loss of many rangers,[1][2] though Tomathren himself claims that the whole thing was Ranger Valanna's fault and that the attack would've worked if the rangers had only done as he'd told them.[3]


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