NeutralZen'Kiki, the Druid
Start Adrine Towhide
End Adrine Towhide
Level 15-30
Category Western Plaguelands
Experience 4,600
Reputation +700 Cenarion Circle
Rewards 80s
Next N [15-30] A Different Approach


Kill 20 plagued wildlife with Zen'Kiki by your side. You may kill Hulking Plaguebears, Diseased Wolves, Venom Mist Lurkers, or Plague Lurkers.

Return to the Menders' Stead if you become separated from Zen'Kiki.

  • Wildlife killed with Zen'Kiki (20)


I am Adrine Towhide, a druid of the Cenarion Circle. You can thank us for healing this land, where once there was only death.

We accept all who choose to follow the druidic path, regardless of race, faction, or talent. Occasionally that means we enlist a druid who needs more help than others.

I'd like you to meet Zen'Kiki. He's pretty new, and he's still learning his craft. Would you mind taking him out with you for a while? You can practice combat on the plagued animals that roam nearby.


Zen'kiki needs a ... a big (brother/sister), like you to help him gain some confidence.


It looks like Zen'Kiki is still having a little bit of trouble with his shapeshifting.


You will receive: 80s


Most of the time, Zen'kiki will only use [Wrath]. However, he also randomly shifts into a druid form during fights.

  • [Aquatic Form]: Obviously, this is useless on land. He can only lie on his back and shake his flippers.
  • [Cat Form]: Zen'kiki randomly jumps around, pouncing and raking, but nowhere near the enemy. After that, he says: "Get back over here!"
  • [Bear Form]: He turns his rear towards the enemy and starts mauling and swiping. After a while, he asks: "Am I hitting him?"
  • [Moonkin Form]: While in Moonkin Form, Zen'kiki spams [Moonfire]... on himself. At about half health, he shifts back to caster.


Part 1 - The first battle for Andorhal
  1. B [15-30] The Battle for Andorhal / A [15-30] Hero's Call: Western Plaguelands! / H [15-30] Warchief's Command: Western Plaguelands!
  2. Both of the following, in either order:
  3. All of the following, in any order:
  4. B [15-30] Victory, For Now (breadcrumb)
Part 2 - The uneasy calm
  1. A [15-30] Uther's Blessing / H [15-30] Latent Disease
  2. A [15-30] The Abandoned Crypt / H [15-30] Who Needs Cauldrons?
  3. A [15-30] Ambushed! / H [15-30] Lower the Boom
    • Side chain:
    1. A [15-30] The Writhing Haunt / H [15-30] Strange New Faces
    2. A [15-30] This Is Our Army / H [15-30] When Death is Not Enough
    3. B [15-30] Combat Training
Part 3 - The mending of the Plaguelands
  1. The Menders' Stead (quest) (breadcrumb)
  2. N [15-30] A New Era for the Plaguelands
    1. N [15-30] Zen'Kiki, the Druid
    2. N [15-30] A Different Approach
Part 4 - Living in the Plaguelands
  1. N [15-30] Northridge Lumber Mill (breadcrumb)
  2. N [15-30] Learning the Ropes (no prerequisites)
  3. N [15-30] This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)
Part 5 - Hearthglen
  1. N [15-30] An Audience with the Highlord (breadcrumb)
    • Side chain:
    1. N [15-30] It's About Time!
    2. N [15-30] Drudges... <Sigh>
  2. N [15-30] Taelan Fordring's Legacy
  3. N [15-30] Unusual Behavior... Even For Gnolls
  4. N [15-30] The Good People of Hearthglen
  5. N [15-30] Bagging Bisp
  6. N [15-30] Turning Yourself In
Part 6 - The renewed plague
    • Side chain:
    1. N [15-30] The Long Trip Home
    2. N [15-30] Memories from a Lost Past
  1. N [15-30] Gahrron's Withering Cauldron
  2. N [15-30] Return to the Stead
  3. N [15-30] Desperate Acts
  4. N [15-30] Students of Krastinov
Part 7 - The battle resumes
  1. B [15-30] The Battle Resumes! (breadcrumb)
  2. Both of the following, in any order:
  3. A [15-30] The Depravity of the Forsaken / H [15-30] Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed
  4. Both of the following, in any order:
  5. A [15-30] Aradne / H [15-30] Andorhal, Once and For All
  6. A [15-30] Alas, Andorhal / H [15-30] The Reckoning

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