Zen'Kiki and the Cultists

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NeutralZen'Kiki and the Cultists
Start Adrine Towhide
End Adrine Towhide
Level 38 (Requires 35)
Category Western Plaguelands
Experience 4900
Reputation +700 Cenarion Circle
Rewards  [Breastplate of the Patient] or  [Leggings of the Slippery Shifter] or  [Zen'Kiki's Thanks]
Previous N [37] A Different Approach and N [38] Return to the Stead


Bring Zen'Kiki to the Malicia Outpost in Western Plaguelands, then break 4 Captive Plaguebears out of their cages and allow Zen'Kiki to heal them.


While you've been away, I've been trying a different approach on our friend Zen'Kiki. I believe he may have a future as a healer. This is mainly because healing spells never miss.

I hear from Field Agent Kaartish that the cultist camp to the east is where the plagued animals are coming from. I hope you don't mind escorting Zen'Kiki over there... perhaps he can help heal some of the plagued animals within the camp.


By the grace of the Earthmother, I hope this works.


By the grace of the Earthmother, he's done it! Thank you, <name>!

I admit, I had nearly given up hope on Zen'Kiki. It is only due to your patience and diligence that he has come into his own as a druid and member of the Cenarion Circle. And that's without even mentioning the good you've done for nature.

You have my admiration and respect.


You will receive: 85s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest mail 19v2.png [Breastplate of the Patient] Inv pants leather 39v2.png [Leggings of the Slippery Shifter]
Inv jewelry necklace 25.png [Zen'Kiki's Thanks]


On accept:

Zen'Kiki says: De tauren say that she'll teach me to heal if we do a good job! Let's go, mon!

Unlike many other quests in this region, this quest offers Cenarion Circle reputation rather than Argent Crusade reputation.


Part 1 - The first battle for Andorhal
  1. B [35] The Battle for Andorhal / A [35] Hero's Call: Western Plaguelands! / H [35] Warchief's Command: Western Plaguelands!
  2. Both of the following, in either order:
  3. All of the following, in any order:
  4. B [35] Victory, For Now (breadcrumb)
Part 2 - The uneasy calm
  1. A [36] Uther's Blessing / H [36] Latent Disease
  2. A [36] The Abandoned Crypt / H [36] Who Needs Cauldrons?
  3. A [36] Ambushed! / H [36] Lower the Boom
    • Side chain:
    1. A [36] The Writhing Haunt / H [36] Strange New Faces
    2. A [36] This Is Our Army / H [36] When Death is Not Enough
    3. B [37] Combat Training
Part 3 - The mending of the Plaguelands
  1. The Menders' Stead (quest) (breadcrumb)
  2. N [37] A New Era for the Plaguelands
    1. N [37] Zen'Kiki, the Druid
    2. N [37] A Different Approach
Part 4 - Living in the Plaguelands
  1. N [37] Northridge Lumber Mill (breadcrumb)
  2. N [37] Learning the Ropes (no prerequisites)
  3. N [37] This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)
Part 5 - Hearthglen
  1. N [37] An Audience with the Highlord (breadcrumb)
    • Side chain:
    1. N [37] It's About Time!
    2. N [37] Drudges... <Sigh>
  2. N [37] Taelan Fordring's Legacy
  3. N [37] Unusual Behavior... Even For Gnolls
  4. N [37] The Good People of Hearthglen
  5. N [37] Bagging Bisp
  6. N [37] Turning Yourself In
Part 6 - The renewed plague
    • Side chain:
    1. N [38] The Long Trip Home
    2. N [38] Memories from a Lost Past
  1. N [38] Gahrron's Withering Cauldron
  2. N [38] Return to the Stead
  3. N [38] Desperate Acts
    • Side quest: N [38] Zen'Kiki and the Cultists
  4. N [39] Students of Krastinov
Part 7 - The battle resumes
  1. B [40] The Battle Resumes! (breadcrumb)
  2. Both of the following, in any order:
  3. A [40] The Depravity of the Forsaken / H [40] Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed
  4. Both of the following, in any order:
  5. A [40] Aradne / H [40] Andorhal, Once and For All
  6. A [40] Alas, Andorhal / H [40] The Reckoning

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