Zen Flight
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Usable by
Class Monk
School Nature
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown
Other information
Level learned 30
Related buff
Ability monk zenflight.png
  • Zen Flight
  • Flying.

Zen Flight is a monk ability, available at level 30 from the item  [Meditation Manual: Zen Flight], enabling them to fly without a mount. The exact speed is not displayed, but appears to be 170% while flying.


Although not as fast as a flying mount, it does have a few advantages. It is instant cast, and can be activated while falling. You cannot use spells or combat abilities, but mounts and items in your inventory can be activated without breaking flight even if they have a casting time. Quest and resource nodes can also be collected in the air, and enemy mobs without ranged abilities will ignore your presence as long as you are off the ground. It is especially convenient for fishing, as multiple pools can be quickly gone through without needing to find places to stand.

If an aggressive enemy switches you into combat, you will be "dismounted" (even if you are not taking damage) and will parachute to the ground.

Rather than for traveling, it is more of a specialized utility power to prevent fall damage and gather resources without interference from enemies, as well as changing flying mounts in mid-air. It cannot be activated during combat, so it is not an "escape" power like a Shaman's [Ghost Wolf].

The monk can still start a Cooking Fire; use Fishing from a safe distance; use Guild Perks such as [Mobile Banking]; change their worn equipment; and use items which are not specifically classified as toys, such as the  [Garrison Hearthstone], the  [Dalaran Hearthstone] and the  [Cloak of Coordination] (although a regular  [Hearthstone] seems to cancel the effect).

They can also use certain monk abilities and talents, such as [Soothing Mist], [Essence Font], [Fortifying Brew], [Healing Elixirs] and [Ring of Peace].

Female pandaren monk using Zen Flight.

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