A view of Zeramas from below.

Zeramas is a Scourge necropolis located just east of Ebon Watch in western Zul'Drak. The Reliquary of Agony, located below, does not allow for transport into the necropolis. The upper part is completely cut off.

Notes and trivia

  • The only way to actually enter Zeramas is by using a flying mount.
  • The necropolis, at present, is completely empty; since this zone was not intended to be flown through while the players quest, it's likely Zeramas was just meant for looks. However, since the subzone can only be discovered by flying up to it.
  • The teleporter in the necropolis to the Reliquary of Agony works (allowing one a redundant way to get down), but the teleporter to the second floor does not.
  • Zeramas may be a reference to StarCraft, where the Protoss High Templar will eventually say something akin to "Zeramas" when clicked on long enough.

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