AllianceZero Zeppelins
Start Okri Putterwrench
End Okri Putterwrench
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Alliance War Campaign
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [120] Stand Fast
Next A [120] Masking For a Friend & A [120] Gunpowder Plots & A [120] Free Plumeria!


Destroy Horde Zeppelins in Anglepoint Wharf.


The Horde zeppelins proved to be problematic for our forces here. I tried to construct something quickly, but while the weapon had power, it didn't have the range necessary to take them out.

The Lord Admiral has provided us with an expedient solution to the problem!

Use this jury-rigged hand cannon on the zeppelins. A quick application of high energy and heat will cause thermal shock and critical failure!

To simplify, blow them up while they're grounded!


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


If you could take out those Zeppelins before they can thaw and fly out of range, we'd be assured of victory!


Ha! The Horde's air forces aren't so superior now, are they?


Speaking with Okri

Gossip <Take a Jury-Rigged Hand Cannon from Okri.>

Testing the weapon
Okri Putterwrench says: Success! Ingenuity prevails over brute force!
Okri Putterwrench says: You bring the rest of the frozen zeppelins to an explosive end, <name>. I'm going to join Rosaline and the other Outriggers.

Use the extra button on the frozen bombardiers.


  1. A [120] The Calm Before
  2. A [120] To Anglepoint
  3. A [120] Stand Fast
  4. A [120] Zero Zeppelins & A [120] Squad Goals & A [120] Repel the Horde! & A [120] Besieged Allies & A [120] Outrigger Outfitters
  5. A [120] Masking For a Friend & A [120] Gunpowder Plots & A [120] Free Plumeria!
  6. A [120] Shots Fired
  7. A [120] Stopping the Sappers
  8. A [120] Express Delivery
  9. A [120] War Marches On

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