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NeutralZhahara Darksquall
Image of Zhahara Darksquall
Gender Female
Race Naga
Class Sea witch,[1][2] Siren[3]
Affiliation(s) Nazjatar Empire
Status Deceased
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Zhahara Darksquall was a naga assigned by her superiors to find the lost continent of Pandaria. However, Zhahara herself was obsessed with finding the Wandering Isle and the Pearl of Pandaria. To aid her, Zhahara enlisted the help of Rahjak, Blokk, and Rumblefitz.


Zhahara's superior, a sea witch who looks like (though is not stated to be) Lady Naz'jar, ordered her to find the continent of Pandaria, believing it holds the future of Azeroth. Zhahara believed that Pandaria was destroyed in the Great Sundering, and against her orders turned to look for the Wandering Isle instead. She also learned of an item called the Pearl of Pandaria, and found it in the possession of a murloc. The murloc was accidentally captured by the pandaren fisherman Wanyo, and he took the pearl from it. Zhahara attacked him, but Wanyo escaped with the help of a giant fish. Zhahara never found Wanyo again, but was convinced that other pandaren would certainly know where he and the pearl could be found.

Pearl of Pandaria[]

Zhahara is first seen overlooking the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. Blokk, an ogre she had hired to help find the pearl, had ran all the way from Elwynn Forest to inform her that they had found a pair of pandaren and the goblin Rumblefitz was following them. Using magic, she spoke with Rahjak on the other side of the portal and summoned a storm to distract the Alliance and Horde forces while the fel orc Blademaster came through. Zhahara and Blokk watched as Rahjak slaughtered all the defenders at the portal.

Zhahara next appeared after Rahjak kidnapped one of the pandaren they had been tracking, Li Li Stormstout. Li Li was brought to an island where Zhahara was working from, and the naga demanded the location of Wanyo from her. However, Li Li denied knowing anything about Wanyo since he vanished from the Wandering Isle years ago. Zhahara threatened to drown all of the Wandering Isle if Li Li did not talk, and then had her chained up with Blokk watching her.

Zhahara spoke again to her superiors, saying she had almost found the Wandering Isle, but the sea witch reminded her that her mission was Pandaria, not the island. Zhahara was given an ultimatum: return with information on Pandaria's whereabouts, or don't return at all.

Li Li broke free of her chains and attempted to save Strongbo from dying to Rahjak, but Zhahara grabbed the young girl and threatened her to reveal Wanyo's location. Li Li still didn't know anything, so Zhahara decided they would watch Bo die together. At that moment, Chen Stormstout arrived on the island on a rocket mount and saved Bo from Rahjak. Li Li smashed a potion in Zhahara's eyes, stunning her and giving Chen enough time to throw Rahjak's sword, piercing Zhahara right through the torso.[4]


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She may be related to Morgala Darksquall.