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Image of Zhi-Zhi
Race Hozen (Humanoid)
Level 10-35
Class Monk
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tian Monastery, Jade Forest[43, 26]
Status Alive

Zhi-Zhi is a hozen located at Tian Monastery in Jade Forest. He is a monk at the monastery and is one of the best fighters who has won several spares.


  • Ability rogue quickrecovery.png  Nimble — Zhi-Zhi becomes very nimble, evading all attacks and spells for 5 sec. 
  • Inv spear 05.png  Flurry — Unleashes a flurry of attacks on an enemy, inflicting Physical damage. 

Objective of



Zhi-Zhi has always been good at hitting his friends, but Zhi-Zhi has gotten a lot better since studying here.

Zhi-Zhi can't believe they've actually let me into the monastery training program!

Me! Zhi-Zhi!

Stand back! Zhi-Zhi practicing here! Anybody who gets within 5 yards of here is probably going to get knocked out... maybe even killed.


Gossip Wanna fight?


  • Zhi-Zhi yells: About time someone challenged Zhi-Zhi!


  • Zhi-Zhi says: Alright, enough, enough! STOP HITTING ZHI-ZHI!

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