NeutralZhi-Zhi, the Dextrous

Zhi-Zhi's hill
Start Master Stone Fist [43.2, 24.7]
End Master Stone Fist [43.2, 24.7]
Level 10-35
Category Jade Forest
Experience 110,000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous N [10-35] Becoming Battle-Ready
Next N [10-35] Xiao, the Eater


Fights with blinding speed and a less-than-blinding intellect.

Defeat Zhi-Zhi at the Tian Monastery.


Upon the hills to my right, you will find a hozen named Zhi-Zhi. He, too, won enough sparring matches to move up the ranks. I think he will provide you with more of a challenge.

Challenge him, and try to defeat him.


You will receive:

  • 9g 80s
  • 110,000 XP


Zhi-Zhi's style is different than that of most pandaren monks. He and his kind tend to have more... energy... than us.


It appears that I must move you up the ranks yet again, <class>.


Pick up N [10-35] Husshun, the Wizened before heading out. Zhi-Zhi can be found south of the immediate area up on a hill.

  • Zhi-Zhi can't believe they've actually let me into the monastery training program!
Me! Zhi-Zhi!
  • Zhi-Zhi has always been good at hitting his friends, but Zhi-Zhi has gotten a lot better since studying here.
  • Stand back! Zhi-Zhi practicing here! Anybody who gets within 5 yards of here is probably going to get knocked out... maybe even killed.
Gossip Wanna fight?
Zhi-Zhi yells: About time someone challenged Zhi-Zhi!

Zhi-Zhi is a level 85 hozen with 316,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Basic melee — 4600-6000 on cloth.
  • Flurry Melee range — Unleashes a flurry of attacks on an enemy, inflicting Physical damage. Channeled. Ticks several times a second with... (3 sec cooldown)
    • Flurry Melee range — Inflicts Physical damage. Instant. 346-462 Physical on cloth.
  • Nimble — Zhi-Zhi becomes very nimble, evading all attacks and spells for 5 sec. 1.5 sec cast. Uninterruptible. (3 sec cooldown)

On victory:

Zhi-Zhi says: Alright, enough, enough! STOP HITTING ZHI-ZHI!


Optional breadcrumb: N [10-35] Tian Monastery

  1. N [10-35] The High Elder
  2. N [10-35] A Courteous Guest
  3. N [10-35] The Great Banquet
  4. Complete all of:
    • Making a weapon
    1. N [10-35] Groundskeeper Wu
    2. N [10-35] A Proper Weapon
    3. N [10-35] A Strong Back, N [10-35] A Steady Hand, N [10-35] And a Heavy Fist
    • Perfecting the form
    1. N [10-35] Your Training Starts Now
    2. N [10-35] Perfection
    3. N [10-35] Attention
    • Single-target and group combat
    1. N [10-35] Becoming Battle-Ready
    2. N [10-35] Zhi-Zhi, the Dextrous & N [10-35] Husshun, the Wizened
    3. N [10-35] Xiao, the Eater
    4. N [10-35] A Test of Endurance
    5. N [10-35] The Rumpus
  5. N [10-35] Flying Colors

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