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Zhu's Watch
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Zhu's Watch is the main settlement of Zhu Province in northeast Krasarang Wilds. The village was built centuries ago by Zhu Longbrow and his family, because he was tired of the needless loss of life that happened in the dangerous wilds by pandaren on their way to the red crane's temple.

The residents have a unique custom, in that they consider the greatest gift one can give to a good friend is a tree, because a tree represents peace, growth, and life. It is a blessing of friendship.[1]


Sho and the Zhu's Watch Courier also originated from the village.

Notes and trivia

  • Mei tells the story of Zhu's legacy.
  • During the early beta, it was named Zhu's Bastion.
  • The internal name for the area is Sad Panda Town.

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