Zhu-Gon the Sour

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MobZhu-Gon the Sour
Image of Zhu-Gon the Sour
Race Alemental (Elemental)
Level 35 Rare
Location Old Pi'jiu, Timeless Isle[37.4, 77.3]
Status Killable

Spawns after ten Skunky Brew Alementals are killed during the Really Skunky Beer event at Old Pi'jiu.


  • Brew Bolt 50 yd range — Inflicts 29,250 to 30,750 Frost damage 1.72 sec cast (3 sec cooldown)
  • Skunky Ale Crash 50 yd range — Deals Frost damage and knocks the target back. 2 sec cast (6 sec cooldown)
  • Rain of Skunky Ale — Calls down a rain of skunky ale. Instant. Channeled. (7 sec cooldown)

Notable loot

To check whether Zhu-Gon the Sour has been looted today, copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(32959))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, Zhu-Gon the Sour has been looted today; "false" indicates the opposite.


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