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NeutralZhu Longbrow
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Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Class Hunter
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Rin (wife), Po (son), Yi-Mo (descendant)

Zhu Longbrow was a famous pandaren hunter who founded the Zhu Province and Zhu's Watch. Prior to his arrival, the area now called the Zhu Province was an untamed land still considered part of the Krasarang Wilds. The journey through the area was perilous, and many pandaren lost their lives to the great beasts of the forest while attempting to reach the coast. Tired of the needless loss of life, Zhu, along with his wife Rin and their son Po - both formidable hunters in their own right - carved out and settled a corner of the wilds. Zhu did not want to settle the wilds entirely, though many begged him to do so. In his wisdom, he understood that they, too, served a purpose: protecting the great crane, Chi-Ji.[1] He warned against the dangers of trying to conquer the wilds, and asked only that the pandaren contain them.[2] Thus, the Zhu Province and Zhu's Watch were born.

Ever since, the descendants of the Longbrow line have protected the province. Yi-Mo Longbrow is the last descendant of Zhu's line.[1] Along the southwestern border of the Zhu Province, three memorial bonfires, named after Zhu and his family, honor the famous hunter's wish and his spirit by discouraging beasts from wandering out of the wilds.[2]


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