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Zhu Province

Zhu Province.

Zhu Province is the pandaren-claimed territory in northeastern Krasarang Wilds. Zhu's Watch stands watch near its center preventing wild creatures from leaving the jungles into the Valley of the Four Winds. The town makes sure all three memorial fires stay lit, near the border, which generally keeps the beasts at bay. The province is also home to two ponds that have currently been drained by the sha energies and created elementals from the water and salt.

There's a small unnamed cave to the north claimed by the Wildscale saurok.

Zhu Province Digsite[]

Zhu's Watch and the area southwest of it is a pandaren archaeology dig site.


  • It's always raining in this area, including the town.
  • Mounts work inside the cavern.
  • The Inv misc stonetablet 10 [Saurok Stone Tablet] is found inside the cave.

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