Zignie the Insane
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Gender Male
Race Goblin
Class Ace
Status Alive
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Zignie the Insane is a goblin ace. No one knows where this goblin came from, but most along the east coast of Kalimdor learn to fear the power of this aerial pirate. Perhaps the most eccentric of the master aces, Zignie made a name for himself in his own vessel, Ratchet's Wings. His “vessel” consists of nothing more than a large phlogiston engine with guide wings strapped to his back. Controls extend down to his arms and feet, which not only control the speed and direction of the rocket engine, but a pair of autoloading, rapid-firing cannons tacked to the wings. Others often underestimate him, which can prove fatal for caravans and aerial transports; while looking half-cobbled, Zignie and his Wings prove themselves with frightening skill and efficiency. Often the most a merchant hears is a loud cackling over a roar of a powerful engine before the cannons rip his vehicle apart, and the goblin flies away with the loot.[1]