Zo'bal Ruins in Nazmir.

The Zo'bal Ruins are a shrine[1] ruin sacred to Bwonsamdi in Nazmir.[2] It's located in front of the Necropolis, and it serves as a foothold for the trolls who are set to visit there. Witch Doctor Kejabu says that there is a "real bad voodoo around dis place".

The Wayshrine of the Fallen is located here.

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After the Fourth War, the Widow's Bite and Banshee loyalists invaded the ruins, killing its guards and civilians which also counted pilgrims, in preparations to invade the Necropolis.[3] The Zandalari Empire and Horde Council later learned about this, and eventually they arrived at the ruins and proceeded to attack their enemies that were besieging Bwonsamdi at the Necropolis.[4]



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Zo'bal could be a reference to Zovaal, The Jailer. In Shadowlands, Zovaal was revealed to be a powerful entity of Death, with ties to both Bwonsamdi and Mueh'zala who compete for the role of Loa of Death.


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