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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

There are many closed off zones on Azeroth, but what if they were to be opened? The purpose of this page is to create a fact-based speculative zone ideas, similar to the Future race ideas page.

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+ Dark green - for.
? White - neutral, could influence either way
Also used for speculation and comparisons, that may have some support in lore or World of Warcraft game mechanics.
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Used for speculation or observation.

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Eastern Kingdoms

Northern Lordaeron

World map of the area.

Area shown on the map between Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, and Ghostlands.


Zul'Aman during the Third War

+ The instance doesn't cover up the entire zone. Many subzones already established in the lore are missing.
+ Tor'Watha, a troll gate in Eversong Woods, could lead to this zone.
? Already in-game as an instance.


Barrow Deeps

Barrow Deeps during the Third War

+ Established place in lore as the location of Druid of the Claw's lair's location and Illidan's prison.
+ Timbermaw Hold has a side tunnel currently blocked by a door that could lead down to this zone.
? Possible location for the dark trolls.



Azjol-Nerub in Wrath of the Lich King

+ The instances don't cover up the entire zone. Many subzones already established in the lore are missing.
+ The Lich King talks about it as an introduction to the final encounter for the Trial of the Crusader and Trial of the Grand Crusader.
? Already in-game as two instances.
- Not likely to happen as Northrend has already been played through with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.


Emerald Dream

? The vanilla Emerald Dream game files are still in-game as of Legion.
- Emerald Nightmare is already dealt with in Legion.
- The Emerald Dream has already been visited in WoW.

Dragonflight Sanctums

+ The entrances to the Sanctums exist in-game.
+ Each sanctum would have a distinct geography and environment.
? No evidence of non-dragon lifeforms within the Sanctums.
- The Ruby Sanctum and Obsidian Sanctum exist as instances.
- Reportedly destroyed in Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects.

Island locations


Balor in the south, Warcraft 2 map design by Stu Rose and Chris Metzen

First seen in Warcraft 2
Balor was a domain of Azeroth (Kingdom of Stormwind) to the west of Stormwind City.

Darkspear Islands

The location of the Darkspear Islands

+ Established place in lore as former home to Darkspear trolls.
+ Has been featured in a short story.
- The Sea Witch has severely crippled, if not, completely sunk the islands.
However, this may not be the case since the islands were still active several months later when Zalazane and Vol'jin returned from their trial in First Home.



Has only been labeled on a RPG map of Azeroth.
+ There is recent precedent for RPG locations being elevated to canon, such as Boralus.
- Speculated to be a different name for Plunder Isle.
The name Hiji is compatible with the Japanese syllabary, and could be used as the home for a civilization of Japanese-inspired humans.

Islands of battlegrounds or scenarios as open world zones

Crestfall first seen in Warcraft 2
Others first seen in Battle for Azeroth
Strand of the Ancients, Isle of Conquest or Seething Shore could become open world zones. Seething Shore can be seen in the Battle for Azeroth Class Trial.
Lost Glacier could become an open-world zone.
Island expedition locations could become open world zones.

Island south of Tol Barad

Minimap of Tol Barad with a island to the south.

First seen in Cataclysm
Island south of Tol Barad that is currently inaccessible could become a new zone.

Kezan locations

+ Goblin capital Undermine not in-game, as well town of Pyrix, as well as RPG lore locations Edj and Voodress Village.
Bilgewater Port and the MOTHERLODE!! already featured in-game.
Bilgewater Port inaccessible after the goblin starting experience and as such not accessible by any other race.

Plunder Isle

+ Established place in lore as Bloodsail Buccaneers' main base.

Tel Abim

Tel Abim banana: more than a simple fruit?

? Mentioned in-game via items, like  [Tel'Abim Banana] and  [Message in a Bottle].


Warcraft 2 map showing Zul'Dare

First seen in Warcraft 2
In the Second War the Old Horde built a secret base on the island.

Maelstrom RPG locations

Underneath the Maelstrom in the RPG lore.

Surface Maelstrom already featured in-game, as well as the underwater Lightless Cavern location.
Naga capital Nazjatar is featured in patch 8.2.0.
+ Established other places in RPG lore, including makrura capital Mak'aru.


Other Draenor remnants in Outland

Map of Draenor from Warcraft 2 before it became Outland.

Possible Draenor remnants outside current Outland.
- Quite possibly destroyed and other remnants don't exist or are not yet established in lore.
+ Outland Arena in Warcraft III accessed by Rexxar by a Shimmering Portal in Dustwallow Marsh.
+ On the loading screen for Outland Arena it says that "Lost pieces of Draenor still hurtle through space" implying there could be more pieces of Draenor.
+ Islands shown on the map in Warcraft 2 not seen in Outland.
+ Ashran established in alternative Draenor not seen in Outland.

Farahlon (alternate universe) or other lands

Farahlon (alternate universe) shown on the northeastern part on the map of alternative Draenor.

+ Farahlon established place in lore both in alternative Draenor and as the past version of Netherstorm.