Zora Guthrek

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HordeZora Guthrek
Image of Zora Guthrek
Title <Trade Goods>
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 65 - 75
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf Clan
Location Alterac Valley

Zora Guthrek can be found in Alterac Valley.


Item Cost
 [Black Dye] 10s
 [Blacksmith Hammer] 18c
 [Bleach] 25c
 [Blue Dye] 50c
 [Bright Baubles] 2s 50c
 [Coal] 5s
 [Coarse Thread] 10c
 [Copper Rod] 1s 24c
 [Crystal Vial] 1s 50c
 [Durable Flux] 30s
 [Fine Thread] 1s
 [Fishing Pole] 23c
 [Gray Dye] 3s 50c
 [Green Dye] 1s
 [Heavy Silken Thread] 20s
 [Heavy Stock] 20s
 [Herbalist's Spade] 1s 5c
 [Jeweler's Kit] 8s
 [Light Parchment] 15c
 [Mild Spices] 10c
 [Mining Pick] 81c
 [Nightcrawlers] 1s
 [Purple Dye] 25s
 [Red Dye] 50c
 [Rune Thread] 50s
 [Salt] 50c
 [Shiny Bauble] 50c
 [Silken Thread] 5s
 [Skinning Knife] 82c
 [Strong Flux] 20s
 [Virtuoso Inking Set] 7s 50c
 [Weak Flux] 1s
 [Wooden Stock] 2s
 [Yellow Dye] 5s
WoW Icon update.png The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft but is present in Classic.
Item Cost
 [Black Dye] 8s
 [Blacksmith Hammer] 14c
 [Bleach] 20c
 [Blue Dye] 40c
 [Bright Baubles] 2s
 [Coal] 4s
 [Coarse Thread] 8c
 [Copper Rod] 99c
 [Crystal Vial] 20s
 [Dust of Decay] 16c
 [Empty Vial] 16c
 [Fine Thread] 80c
 [Fishing Pole] 18c
 [Gray Dye] 2s 80c
 [Green Dye] 80c
 [Heavy Silken Thread] 16s
 [Heavy Stock] 16s
 [Hot Spices] 32c
 [Leaded Vial] 1s 60c
 [Mild Spices] 8c
 [Mining Pick] 65c
 [Nightcrawlers] 80c
 [Purple Dye] 20s
 [Red Dye] 40c
 [Salt] 40c
 [Shiny Bauble] 40c
 [Silken Thread] 4s
 [Skinning Knife] 66c
 [Soothing Spices] 1s 28c
 [Strong Flux] 16s
 [Weak Flux] 80c
 [Wooden Stock] 1s 60c
 [Yellow Dye] 4s

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