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The Zoram Strand

The Zoram Strand

The Zoram Strand is a stretch of beach in the northwest corner of Ashenvale. Prior its destruction during the Great Sundering, it was a night elven city named Zoram.

While the Horde have set up a minor outpost (Zoram'gar Outpost) in the Zoram Strand, the area has fallen to the naga. The dark creatures have taken up residence, evident in their numbers and in the shipwrecks and beached sea creatures along the shore. The Zoram Strand is also the site of the Blackfathom Deeps.


Blackfathom Deeps entrance

The entrance to the Blackfathom Deeps

Near the area, there was originally a night elven town called Zoram but is long destroyed and submerged[1] beneath the Veiled Sea[2] during the Great Sundering.[3]

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At some point, the Horde would establish Zoram'gar Outpost and would go on to fight the Wrathtail naga.[4] The naga also attacked Talen.[5]

During the Midsummer Fire Festival, two quests take place in the Zoram Strand involving the Twilight Cult's plan to summon Lord Ahune into the world to battle Ragnaros. Two camps of Cultists spawn, one due south of the Blackfathom entrance, the other on the beach northwest of there.

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A small Alliance camp with a flight path has been established near the coast.

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During War of the Thorns, the coast was taken by the Horde and fought against the Alliance here.[6]

Shores of Fate

Prior to the Battle for Darkshore

Later when Tyrande Whisperwind arrived here to reclaim Darkshore, she killed the naga and beasts inhabiting the northern part of the coast, along with a small Horde camp containing grunts and a demolisher. Veiled Deathstalkers remained in the area in case Tyrande returned. Alliance adventurers were sent here by Shandris Feathermoon and Maiev Shadowsong to kill the Forsaken and reclaim Tyrande's belongings.

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After the Fourth War, Zekhan and Rexxar watched patrols from Blackfathom Camp, seeking to enter Blackfathom Deeps.[2]





Zoram Strand Digsite[]


Zoram Strand Digsite @ 14,19

The Zoram Strand north of Zoram'gar Outpost is a night elf archaeology dig site.


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