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Zorammarsh is a large, mysterious swamp found south of Hellfire Citadel in Tanaan Jungle. It is filled with bats, raptors and snakes and has a large amount of caves lining its edges.

According to Cutter, there is something evil in the swamp that is killing people.[citation needed]  The author of the Exhumer's Journal noted that the marsh appears to have had some sort of malign effect on the spirit of the arakkoa crusader Kris'kar the Unredeemed, who died in an underground ruin below the swamp.[1]

A giant tree in the middle of Zorammarsh houses a mysterious plant called  [The Perfect Blossom]. It may or may not be related to the strange effects of the marsh. The hydras off the coast are led by Keravnos, and they feed on Daggerfish Darters.


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