NeutralZouchin Village
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Zouchin Village
Leader(s) Elders Chi, Hou, and Shu
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Location Kun-Lai Summit

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Zouchin Village is the main settlement of Zouchin Province, down near sea level in northeastern Kun-Lai Summit. North Wind Tavern is the inn of the village. Just north is the Zouchin Strand, while the Zandalari Vanguard is to the east.

The Zandalari are laying siege to the village in an attempt to run distraction to buy time for whatever the Zandalari are doing on the Isle of Reckoning, off to the northeast. The attack was repelled by the village's villagers and adventurers of the Alliance and Horde.

Months after adventurers fought off the Zandalari, they would return and force the villagers to evacuate. Zuochin Village became the landing site for troll ships going between the Isle of Thunder and Pandaria. Through the sponsorship of local fishing fleet master Tswen-luo Sageflower, Stormstout Brewery plans to build a satellite brewery here.[1]

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  • Yalia Sagewhisper originates from Zouchin Village, and her family, the Sageflowers, are based there.[1]

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