Zovaal's Vault

Zovaal's Vault is a chest located at several locations in The Rift of the Maw. Ve'nari is looking for it in her daily quest N [60 Daily] Full of Surprises. See the Rift article for more information on how to access the Rift.

Dragging the vault

Interact with the chest to hook up Zovaal's Vault Chain:

Creatureportrait blackrock chainsofwoe.png  Zovaal's Vault Chain — This large chain allows you to drag Zovaal's Vault. Movement speed reduced by 50%

Start heading back in the direction of Ve'nari. Mount up or not, but don't get too far from the vault, as the player will eventually run out of chain and trip over it. Players can also enter combat and they won't drop the chain. Should players run out of time while in the Rift, they can return to the Rift and will be able to pick up the Vault where it was last seen (not at the initial spawn point). Open the vault in front of Ve'nari, which can contain:


Locations of the chest change daily and include:

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