Not to be confused with Zin'Ahjin.

A view of Zul'Ahjin from atop Atul'Aman.

The stairs and alcoves on the western side of the city.

Zul'Ahjin[48.8, 74.4] is a ruined troll city in southern Vol'dun, close to the southern base of Atul'Aman. It was apparently ruined during the ancient battle between Sethraliss and Mythrax.[1] Long ago, statues of the three sethrak KeepersSulthis, Korthek, and Vorrik—were built around the ruins, and sethrak traveled from near and far to place tokens of their affection at the feet of the statues.[2][3] When Sulthis began suspecting that Korthek was planning treachery, he hid his keystone to Atul'Aman in Zul'Ahjin and recorded a message for Vorrik[4] before being killed by Korthek.[5]

In the modern day, Faithless forces led by Overseer Nerzet scour the ruins in search of Sulthis' key.[6] Meanwhile, a crew of vulpera looters—based out of a small building in the northwest corner of the city—sneak in and out of the ruins, ransacking treasure from under the sethrak's noses, though some have been taken prisoner by the Faithless.[7]

After their reunion at the Temple of Akunda, Bladeguard Kaja, Warguard Rakera, Meerah, and a Horde adventurer traveled to Zul'Ahjin in search of Rakera's friend Julwaba, who had gone to excavate the ruins and whom Rakera hoped would know more about the mysterious weapon (Mythrax) sought by General Jakra'zet.[8] After surviving an attack from Jakra'zet's troops, the group found Julwaba alongside her dying Devoted friend Serrik, as well as Kiro and Nisha, who were passing through the ruins on their way to the Faithless stronghold in the north.[9] After Kiro helped heal Serrik, the sethrak directed the adventurer to investigate a Crumbling Statue in the center of the ruins if they wanted to unlock the city's secrets.[10] By placing sapphires in the statue's eyes, the adventurer triggered the old message from Sulthis and obtained the Keeper's keystone.[4] At Serrik's urging, the adventurer and their companions then accompanied the sethrak to the Sanctuary of the Devoted in order to deliver the key to Vorrik.[11]





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