Start Brann Bronzebeard
End Brann Bronzebeard
Level 35-50
Category Alliance War Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [35-50] Flight from the Fall
Next A [35-50] Nazmani Cultists, A [35-50] Offerings to G'huun


Meet Brann Bronzebeard at Zul'Nazman in Nazmir.


Not sure if I like this Harry fella. He's growin' on me, though. Got some wild ideas about the blood elves, but he's not all bad.

What were we talkin' about? Ah, right.

Captain Conrad. He said the Captain went to Zul'Nazman ta commune with the blood trolls there. Seems... less than well planned.

Let's go see what there is to see, shall we?


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


I'm startin' to believe we're on a corpse run here. Can't imagine we'll find the famous Captain Conrad alive at this point.


  1. A [35-50] Foothold: Nazmir
  2. A [35-50] Heart of Darkness
  3. A [35-50] Dubious Offering
  4. A [35-50] Blood of Hir'eek & A [35-50] Honoring the Fallen
  5. A [35-50] Zealots of Zalamar
  6. A [35-50] Flight from the Fall
  7. A [35-50] Zul'Nazman
  8. A [35-50] Nazmani Cultists & A [35-50] Offerings to G'huun
  9. A [35-50] Captain Conrad
  10. A [35-50] Lessons of the Damned
  11. A [35-50] Champion: John J. Keeshan
  12. A [35-50] Return to Boralus

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